Our Love Will Never Falter

I can still remember the first day that I saw you
Like it was just yesterday
That I got to see that beautiful smile of yours.
The smile that made my heart melt from the first moment
And the smile that continues to win me over.
It’s so contagious and I can’t get enough of it.

The way that you lent an ear when I needed it most.
You were always there to listen and hear me out,
Not matter what it was or when it was.
You made me feel important and cared for
Like I actually meant something to you.
That I had someone that loved me for who I am.

Ever since that first moment that we made eye contact
We’ve been inseparable.
I dread the days and moments that I have to spend away
Not being able to hold you in my arms
Or whisper in your ear
I love you.

And here we are now almost a year later from that day
Stronger than ever and more loving than ever.
The time has only brought us closer
Through the good
And the bad
And all that is yet to come.

But I know that God has a plan for us
A plan that has blessed us with each other.
A life that will be filled with ups and downs.
But God placed you by my side to go through it all
Together we will persevere against all life has
For I know our love will never falter.


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