I’m Sorry

I don’t know where to start
And I don’t know what to say
The hurt I’ve caused and the tears you’ve shed
I look back now and see all that I’ve done
And I wonder who that person was
The person I could’ve become
And it scares me to think
The path I would have traveled
Me unraveled
I’m baffled
The nightmare I would have turned into
The evil bursting through
My chest
I confess
I’m no angel and I’m no saint
Far from it
And to tell you the truth
I will never be perfect
No matter how hard I try
I will always ask why
I lie
On my back and look to the sky
I close my eyes
And that’s when I remember
Your Grace
Save face
From the person who I was to the person I can be
Truly me
Or I should say the person You made me to be
I’m free
My eyes are finally open to the world around me
And I see Your plans for glory
Not for me but all for You
And now I just want to take this time
To apologize for the pain I’ve caused
It was never my intention to do the things I did
I was young, stupid, a kid
I didn’t know right from wrong
Or rather I did
But I chose to inflict hurt
Growth spurt
That isn’t me anymore and I pray
For forgiveness for my ways
I was walking down a road, astray
But now I’ve found the path I should be on
And I’m doing all I can to walk it best
I’m blessed
I’m no longer depressed
or my emotions repressed
I put it all on this paper as a way to express
All my thoughts and my feelings back then
I confess
To it all
But I regress
I just ask that you be patient with me
As I figure out how to walk down this road
It won’t be easy and I admit
I’ll fall off the path
Here and there
But I’ll always find my way back
Get on track
And continue down His route
I guess what I really want to try and say
Is that I’m sorry for who I was
And ask you to give me a chance
To advance
Away from the past and all that happened
Just give me a chance
I’m sorry


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