Are You there?
It’s been a while since I’ve talked to You
And I feel like I don’t know what to say
The words just won’t come
Are You listening?
I feel compelled to spill my heart out to You
But sometimes it seems for nothing
Like I’m talking to a brick wall
Do You care?
I cry out on my knees as the tears fall down my face
All this pain and all this hurt
Just won’t go away

I scream and yell
I curse Your name
It never changes
It’s all the same
You take the blame
This ain’t my fault
I try so hard
Every single day
So why does it seem
I never find my way
I cry
I have nothing left in me
I slump to my knees
Put my face in my hands
Quietly as I feel the weight of the world
Rest on my shoulders

But in that quiet
I hear a sound
I feel Your breath
On me
The gentle touch
A loving embrace
In that moment
I realize
I could never hear You
I could never feel You
I could never see
That You were always there
Right by my side
I just had to stop
To hear the words
I needed the most
To hear You say
I love you


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