Are you scared?
As your insecurities surface
The mask is falling off your face
And all we see now is your disgrace
The eyes
Pierce right through your soul
As they are trained on you now
I think its time to take your bow

The lies you’ve told
The words you spit
The knives you’ve left
In all our backs
The smirk you wore on your face
Thinking you were getting away with it all
But now comes your fall
The gloves are off and your facade fades away
Now I push back and you stumble down
This must seem like such a scenery change
How’s the view from down there?
No longer able to look down
Cause now you’re at the bottom
No place to go and no place to run
Your soul laid bare for all to see
You must feel so insignificant
Seeing all the things that you’ve done
Leaving so many in the ditch
You must feel like such a…
Bad person
But I’ll leave you to ponder on the ground
When you have no one else around
Cause we’re all leaving
And you can find your own way out


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