Sometimes I stand there in front of a mirror
And see all my insecurities rising to my skin
All my flaws and imperfections
Now I put on this façade that makes me look clean
No one else can see all that I’m hiding underneath
I step out my door and into the sun
And as the day goes on my façade fades away
My mind begins to race as I try to hurry home
My hands can’t cover everything that’s surfacing
I try to run faster but it feels like I’m in sand
I’m getting nowhere and now everyone stares
They see me for who I am and what I’ve done
Defeated, I slump down to the ground
I put my head in my hands and cry
A soft touch rests gently on my shoulder
I raise my head and look up above
I discovered then
That the only way to be truly loved
For who you are
Is to be completely vulnerable


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