You Still Love Me

I trudge through the rain soaked streets
Keeping my head down to avoid your gaze
Because I am ashamed of the person that I am
The things that I have done
Why does it seem that no matter how hard I try
No matter the things I try to avoid or change
I’m never able to change the way I am
I always fall short of the goal
I am never good enough it seems
As I reach where you stand
I imagine the wrath that is sure to follow
For the pain that I caused to family and friends
The lack of compassion to strangers and those in need
Always breaking promises that I make to others
As all these wrongs and shortcomings come to light
I notice that the rain around me starts to cease
The sun creeps out from behind the clouds
The rays of warmth and love spilling out around
Why do I always try to hide my heart and my soul
When you’re the only one who truly knows me
I see your face and see your smile
After everything that I have done
You still love me the same as your beloved
All my sins and transgressions are washed away
I’m a broken person, always falling short
But you always extend grace and love
You always love me


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