I huddled in fear of what had just come in the house. I sat in the corner of my room, next to the bookshelf that housed my favorite comics and children books. The nightlight at the far end of the room seemed to barely glow, as if the fear emanated from me and dimmed it. 
        The slow, methodical footsteps echoed up the stairs as the boots made their way to the staircase. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck slowly start to rise, as I became more terrified. Goosebumps began to form on my skin, almost as if everything in me was slowly retreating. Panicked, but still aware of the need to be quiet, I crawled over to my closet door. As cautiously as I could, I pulled the closet door open, the nightlight casting ominous shadows through the slits in the door. Dragging myself in, I turned back around and closed the door before I moved to the back corner of the closet. I never took my eyes off the closet door, peeking through the slits at the rest of my room.
        At the bottom of the staircase, the footsteps ceased. An eerie silence crept throughout the house, and I held my breathe in fear that I might be heard. I sat there motionless, straining my ears for any sign of what might be going on at the bottom of the staircase. 
        After what seemed like an eternity, the footsteps started up again. The boots thumping against the hardwood steps as they made their ways up to the second floor. Slow and measured, the steps came one after another, with each step getting louder and louder. I pulled my legs in closer to me, clutching my teddy bear to my chest in hopes that it would give me some semblance of comfort. The footsteps made their way to the landing on the second floor, and began to make their way down the hall way. 
        Pausing in the hallway, I heard a door creak open. A long, groaning creak came from the door, almost as if it was warning me to my impending doom. When the creaking of the door stopped, the steps began again, slowly coming down the hallway towards my room. Sweat was now coming down from my head and I could not stop my body from shaking. I had never been so terrified in my life, and there was no place I could run to or hide. I closed my eyes and buried my head in my knees.
        Another pause, and another door creaking as it was opened. This one was much louder, the groaning sounded more horrible to me, almost as if the door was screaming at me. The footsteps were loud, almost sounding as if they were right next to me. They weren’t but now they stopped outside my bedroom door.
        I heard the door handle jiggle, as it was slowly opened. The door creaking and groaning, almost as if it was a last gasp effort to warn me, yelling at me to get out of here. But there was no where to go, I was now stuck in my room, the only exit blocked off. Through the slits in the closet door, I saw light spill into my room from the hallway. In the middle of the light was a long shadow that seemed to stretch from the doorway all across the room. The steps echoed in my room, as the figure came into view through the slits in the door. The figure seemed to be enveloped in shadows, it carried darkness around itself as it walked over to my bed. It paused next to my bed, seeming as if it was staring at the empty sheets.
        Fear had completely taken over me now. Horrified, I never took my eyes off the figure as it made its way over to my bed. I didn’t blink, in fear that if I took my eyes off the figure, even for just a second, it would get me. 
        The shadowy figure slowly turned around until it was facing the closet. I sucked in breathe, my eyes getting large and my body beginning to shake again. I dug my fingers into my bear, all hairs now standing on edge. I felt a warming sensation down my leg as I peed my pants, creating a puddle under where I was sitting. 
        The footsteps came over to the closet, slow, methodical, ominous. The shadow of the figure blocked out the light that was coming in from the hallway, as he bent down in front of the closet. The top of the figure came into view through the slits in the closet door, but I could not make anything out. The light from the hallway was casting a shadow over the figure, and nothing could be distinguishable. 
        I stared at the figure, as that was the only thing that I could do with fear in control of my body. Every muscle was tense, every sense was on high alert. Unsure of what to do, I slammed my eyes shut and buried my head in my knees once again. I did not want to see what was going to happen. 
        I heard the closet door being opened, slowly without making a sound. Preparing for what was going to happen, I huddled my body in together even more and awaited my fate. The door was opened now, but I heard nothing else. 
        Slowly and carefully, I peaked my eyes open and looked between my legs towards the closet door. All I saw was the dim light from my nightlight. The door to my room was closed, no light from the hallway coming through the bottom of the door. Did I just imagine everything? Was this all just a bad dream? I slowly moved out into the doorway of the closet, scanning the rest of my room for any signs of what was going on. Simultaneously, I screamed as a hand grabbed me by my ankle just as a voice whispered behind me, “Hey sunshine.”


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