Looking Forward to 2016

        I started with ambitious plans in 2015 to write weekly for my blog. I absolutely love writing, and find it as a relaxing outlet to let out some creativity during my day. I used to write poems only, as I like the challenge in constructing them and making them worthy to read. Not everything that I post on here is of upmost quality, but I feel that to improve as a writer, you have to get through the bad postings as well. I learn best from making mistakes and working out the kinks.
        However, as life often does, my days got busy and distracted with so many things that occur on a daily basis. I was still adjusting to a move to a new city, finding a place to live and getting settled in my new surroundings. I got engaged and married to my beautiful wife, and we’ve been getting used to the married life and everything that entails. I’m also getting ready to go back to school to get my masters in Clinical Counseling, which is going to consume a lot of time on top of working a full time job.
        Life gets hectic, really hectic, and sometimes it seems that there is never time to get to the things that you enjoy most. I know that in 2016, life is only going to get more busy and it’ll seem like I won’t have time to write or read. I’ve slowly been preparing for this, trying to develop habits in my routine. I won’t try to fit in writing and reading somewhere in my day, because if I try to do it that way, then something else will always seem to be higher up on the totem pole. I will make time, first thing in the morning while I’m having my coffee and after the gym. This gives me time to get my creative juices flowing, to relax and prepare myself for the day ahead. 
        My goal for 2016 is simple: to write at least one post a week and have consistency. Now this doesn’t mean that I would only want to write just one post a week, but to at least get something out there. There may be some weeks where I post 3-4 different things, and other weeks when I’m only able to get 1. I’m sure that, as the year goes on, that I’ll be able to continue to fine tune everything and get into a rhythm. 
        Writing brings me so much joy and fulfillment. Even if I only get one person to read the things that I write, I consider that a success. I used to keep all my writings to myself, in fear that others will ridicule or criticize what I write. I’ve come to realize that, the only way to improve and get better, is to put yourself out there. Yes, there’s going to be some posts that are just downright awful. But it’s better to see the areas that are there for improvement and work on those, then to never be vulnerable for criticism and improvement. 
        To those that do read what I post, thank you. I hope to continually improve and put out better content as the months and years go by. I hope that you all have a fantastic New Year’s, and that you find your passion and never stop pursuing it. 



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