On My Own

Sometimes I feel like I try so hard
Putting myself out there to others
Feeling vulnerable and exposed
Completely out of my comfort zone
But after getting constantly burned
Forgotten about and left out to dry
I now being to wonder
If I’m better off on my own


I stand in a crowded room,
But it feels like I’m alone.
Their eyes look right through me;
The smiles not meant for me.
I reach out for anyone
To take my hand and see me.
In a room so full of life
Mine seems to not matter.
Crying out in desperation
The tears well in my eyes.
In this world so full of love
Why do I feel so alone?

To Be Held

We pass by each other every day
Fleeting glances and curt words
We have become a society
Enamored with how busy we are
That sometimes what we need the most
Is to slow down and to be held


The pounding in my head
Never seems to stop
My temples throb with pain
My vision blurs and wanes
My stomach twists in knots
There’s ringing in my ears
This migraine won’t go away
Can someone make this stop

Down by the Ocean

When I am sitting down by the ocean
There is a sense of peace that comes
Like a wave that washes over me
Bringing a sense of tranquility

I look out across the blue ocean
That stretches out beyond the horizon
And know that someone out there
Is looking right back at me