Hold On

The cold nips at your skin
Darkness still covers all
All alone atop the hill
Spirits will begins to fall
But hold on
Hold on
Salvation is just over the horizon
It will rise up in the sky
Warming your frozen bones
Hold on to that hope
For the sun will rise again


I sit on the top of the hill in the dark of night
The twinkling lights of the city in the distance
The stars shine dimly in the sky above
And the moon is nowhere to be seen

But just over the horizon beyond sight
Tragedies and disasters abound
People kill others for the sake of race
People kill others for the sake of religion
Nature takes its own natural course
Tears are shed for loved ones lost
Anger is displayed against those who harm

This is the course that humanity takes
History repeats itself and nothing changes
So I sit here on the top of this hill
Waiting for You to come back
No more pain
No more sorrow
No more hurt
I’m waiting for this world to end

It’s Never Too Late

He walks down the road
Just him and his thoughts.
His shoulders carry the load,
Stomach tied up in knots.

The past five years
His world’s fallen apart.
Less laughter, more tears
A broken, troubled heart.

He looks all around
Searching for help to come.
No one makes a sound,
Just feeling all numb.

His life ticks by
Now in a fragile state.
He looks up to the sky
And asks, “God is it too late?”


Rows of tombstones
Lined the grassy knoll
In the midst
A sea of black
Surround a coffin

Stream down faces
Some uncontrollably
Others held back
All of them
Filled with grief

Of the soldier
Who’s taken
His last breath
On display
Above the flag

Draped over the coffin
The final resting place
Of the one
Who gave it all
For us